There are several other technology companies that provide the same services in Bahrain, what differentiates Beyon Solutions from others?

Firstly, I think it is important to understand the difference between a solution integrator company, a digital enablement company and a digital transformation company, in order to further understand what differentiates us from other companies in Bahrain. 

Solution integrators, digital enablers and digital transformation businesses all play important roles in supporting organizations’ digital transformation journeys, but they have different approaches and areas of focus.

Beyon Solutions is a solution integrator company that works with clients to understand their business needs, challenges, and strategic outcomes. Then a roadmap is developed that bridges the identified gaps through technology solutions and these are implemented, integrated and optimized by our highly experienced and qualified team. This may involve integrating different software systems, upgrading, and deploying new hardware, or developing custom applications, but we take a holistic approach to this journey rather than a transactional delivery.  As a solution integrator we have a deep understanding of technology and its application in different industries and have partnerships with technology vendors to provide a comprehensive solution.

In summary, solution integrators differentiate from digital enablers by providing a more comprehensive set of services that go beyond technology solutions. They work closely with the organization to understand their unique challenges, develop a customized transformation plan, and provide end-to-end support to ensure the successful implementation of the solutions, and this is what sets Beyon Solutions apart from the legacy IT companies within Bahrain.  We are focused on the long-term outcomes of our partners, we solve business challenges every day, with solutions that work the way people work. Because when technology works better, business works better.

If we take this a step further, a digital transformation company is an organization that helps businesses transform their operations, processes, and services using digital technologies. The main objective of a digital transformation company is to enable businesses to leverage the latest digital tools, technologies, and strategies to achieve their goals and improve their performance in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

Beyon Solutions is a little over one year old, and so we haven’t quite achieved the accolades of being an end-to-end digital transformation partner yet, but through the development of our business strategy and our partnership with our clients, we will be better able to deliver the cultural change and efficient business operations that will place us firmly in this category. This is our ambition, and we are on the journey to achieve this soon.

Could you explain more to us about the services you provide?

Delivery of technology and solutions is only a small part.  We help people make the most of technology, to achieve real, measurable, tangible business results. This is critical to a digitally enabled future, and this is what digital transformation really means. We believe that the companies that see sustained results are those that understand the value of a partnership and here is where Beyon Solutions comes in by providing consultancy and guidance on their transformation.  We don’t just deliver and walk away; we are focused on building long lasting relationships that are built on trust through simplicity.

When companies look for a partner to solve problems that they haven’t encountered before, or because they simply don’t have the technical or resource capability, they come to us due to our prior experience and technical expertise, to ensure optimum efficiencies of their business. This is where we thrive!

Customers expect to receive solutions that are realistic, fit for purpose and size without adding unnecessary complexity to their business. Our solutions must primarily help solve the real business issues that clients are experiencing and help achieve their organisational objective. This is why we strive for simplicity.

About Beyon Solutions

Beyon Solutions, part of the Beyon Group is an agile IT and digital transformation consultancy offering cutting edge system integration solutions to businesses of all sizes, to help them build a scalable, efficient, and secure IT landscape. Beyon Solutions capitalizes on its solid partnerships with leading global ICT providers.