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As a Bahrain-based Company, Beyon* is subject to the corporate governance standards of the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and the Bahrain Commercial Companies Law; and in line with the Corporate Governance Code 2018 of the Ministry and Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Beyon* aspires to the highest standards of ethical conduct based on sound corporate governance. In accordance with its commitment to both meeting legal and regulatory requirements and adhering to international best practices, Beyon* has put in place a comprehensive Corporate Governance framework to maximize operational efficiency and protect shareholders’ rights. Beyon* regards the guiding principles of its Corporate Governance framework to be fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility.

Beyon* corporate governance practices have been structured around the following ten principles:

  • The Company shall be headed by an effective, qualified and expert Board
  • The Directors and Executive Management shall have full loyalty to the Company
  • The Board shall have rigorous controls for financial audit and reporting, internal control, and compliance with law
  • The Company shall have effective procedures for appointment, training and evaluation of the Directors
  • The Company shall remunerate directors fairly and responsibly
  • The board shall establish a clear and efficient management structure with defined job titles, powers, roles and responsibilities.
  • The Company shall communicate with shareholders, encourage their participation, and respect their rights
  • The Company shall disclose its corporate governance.
  • The Board shall ensure the integrity of the financial statements submitted to shareholders by appointing External Auditors.
  • The Company shall seek through social responsibility to exercise its role as a good citizen.

To review the Company’s Governance Guidelines please click here.

Key Persons Dealing Policy

The objective of this policy is to govern dealings in the shares of Beyon* by its Board of Directors, executive management and such other persons who have access to insider information.

To view the Key Persons’ Dealing Policy please click here.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

In line with the Corporate Governance Code of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and  Tourism ( MOICT) the Board of Directors have developed a Code of Conduct and Ethics which provides guidance to all Board Members on the best ethical practices that are applied in the Company and that are in line with law.

To review the Board Code of Conduct and Ethics please click here.

Whistleblowing Policy

Beyon* has established the Whistleblowing policy to encourage and guide Stakeholders to report suspected wrongdoings. All the stakeholders have a moral duty, and it is also an expression of loyalty and good faith to report potentially fraudulent and/or unethical conduct. The Policy has been approved by the Board and Audit Committee.

A Whistleblower  (Employees, suppliers, contractors, clients or any individual) is anyone who has & reports knowledge of illegal, fraudulent, etc. activities. The act of Whistleblowing is by which an employee raises a concern that could threaten organization’s reputation.

The policy covers all the company’s stakeholders. Some examples of actions, which should be reported as a concern are cash & assets misappropriation, invoice frauds, inventory misuse, etc. However, complaints relating to employee’s personal circumstances and matters addressed under Human Resources’ disciplinary action / grievance procedures shall be Exceptions and not handled through the whistle blowing channels. The Head of Internal Audit shall be the Custodian for the all the whistleblowing reporting channels.

Whistleblower Protection

  • Confidentiality : The Company shall make all reasonable efforts towards confidentiality of Whistleblower identity and obtain their permission, where disclosure is necessary. However, the Whistleblower may need to disclose identity if investigation indicates criminal activity.
  • Assurance : Employees must not threaten or retaliate against the Whistleblowers. Within 12 months, Management would not initiate performance oriented disciplinary action against them without approval of the Board Audit Committee. In case of such treatment, Whistleblower should immediately inform Beyon’s* Head of Internal Audit.

Guidance to Whistleblowers

The policy provides guidance towards matters that needs to be noted, cautions to be exercised and the information that could be expected from the whistleblower while reporting an incident.

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