Manama, Bahrain: Beyon Connect, part of the Beyon Group, took part in Egypt’s National Postal Day celebrations, joining Egypt’s Minister of Communications & IT and the Chairman of Egypt Post, to mark the annual occasion which falls on January 2nd each year to celebrate 159 years on the establishment of Egypt Post.

Beyon Connect previously announced its partnership with the Egyptian National Postal Organisation to establish a joint venture operation to introduce the ‘Bareedi’ digital registered mail platform in Egypt. During the celebratory event, Egypt Post praised the role that Beyon Connect is playing in the enhancement of Egypt’s postal services and announced that ‘Bareedi’ will be launched in the coming months.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of Egypt’s National Postal Authority, explained that the Egyptian Postal service is currently undergoing significant development on all levels, including the modernization and improvement of all services. He emphasized that the launch of the ’Bareedi’ service is part of the Egyptian Post’s strategy towards digital transformation and the introduction of new digital and secure services that meet the needs of citizens. He highlighted that this service provides innovative solutions and services for digital post boxes in collaboration with the Bahraini company Beyon Connect, which is recognized for its advanced technologies, utilising the best technological means to facilitate citizens’ access to public services in an easier, faster, more sustainable, and secure manner. Dr. Farouk further mentioned that all tests for the digital registered mail platform and secure digital vault have been successfully conducted, and their official launch is expected in the first half of 2024.

Christian Rasmussen, CEO of Beyon Connect said, ”Beyon Connect is delighted to be part of Egypt Post’s journey towards digital transformation. The strategic partnership will enable the provisioning of an advanced postal platform that offers a secure and unique user experience, complying with the highest technical standards available in the Egyptian market to meet the needs of citizens in a safer digital framework.”

”We greatly appreciate the support of Dr. Amr Talaat, Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Dr. Sherif Farouk, the Chairman of the Egyptian National Postal Authority, for their support in preparing for the launch of the service and the visionary approach of Egypt Post in adopting innovative digital strategies for the transformation of its traditional postal services. We look forward to seeing the official launch of Bareedi for citizens of Egypt soon,” Mr. Rasmusen added.