Manama, Bahrain: Beyon Connect, part of the Beyon Group, has announced the launch of OneExpress, a simple, secure and cost-effective e-Invoicing platform, designed to meet the specific needs of the business sector. Initially, the service will be available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, empowering  organisations to effortlessly meet KSA’s Zakat and Tax Authority (ZATCA) requirements and mandates for invoice clearance and VAT reporting.

OneExpress, which is being rolled out in collaboration with B2Brouter, a prominent global player in the e-procurement market, is an e-Invoicing platform that securely connects enterprises with customers and suppliers. The platform enables standardized transmission of eDocuments for B2C, B2B, and B2G purposes, allowing users to issue, transmit, receive and process invoices electronically.

Among its many benefits, OneExpress ensures regulatory compliance, helps to streamline payment processes, and reduces costs by saving on traditional methods such as printing, postage, and manual entry of documentation. The platform also ensures high security when dealing with sensitive information being shared across the platform. Furthermore, OneExpress supports the sustainability commitments of organisations as invoices are securely stored on the cloud, thereby reducing paper consumption.

Beyon Connect CEO Christian Rasmussen commented on the launch of OneExpress saying, “We are very pleased to go live with OneExpress in the Saudi Arabian market, and we look forward to welcoming new customers to the platform. As e-Invoicing legislation evolves across the GCC and Middle East, we are committed to expanding our reach, to ensure that businesses in these regions have access to innovative solutions that facilitate compliance and operational excellence.”

“The GCC and MENA regions represent a huge potential market for e-Invoicing services as we see accelerated digital transformation in the public and the private sectors across the MENA region,” Mr. Rasmussen added.

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