Manama, Bahrain: Beyon Connect, part of the Beyon Group, has announced a partnership with Singapore’s Adera Global and Cumolo9, based in New Zealand, to establish a joint venture ‘ONEVIEW’ in Singapore.

The shareholder agreement, which was signed by the three parties in Singapore on May 17, marks an important milestone for the companies as they collaborate to bring a new innovative digital platform to Singapore and other parts of the ASEAN region, through the launch of digital postbox solutions, based on Beyon Connect’s OneBox platform, the Company’s flagship product.

ONEVIEW aims to deliver an end-to-end encrypted digital communication platform that enables secure communication between public authorities, businesses and citizens, creating a digital ecosystem where the individual user is always in control of their own data.

ONEVIEW will provide customers with a digital postbox  and enable public authorities and businesses to interact with them digitally, removing the need for physical interaction to complete important documentation. Users can securely receive and send messages, documents and related sensitive information, without worrying about data breaches, cyberattacks or identity theft.

The joint venture will leverage the expertise, resources, and networks of the three companies to establish and promote digital postboxes in the ASEAN region and provide customized solutions to clients and individuals based on their specific needs and requirements. The new platform is expected to be available in Singapore by Q4 2023, with plans to expand to other regional countries in the near future.

Beyon  Connect CEO Christian Rasmussen expressed his pleasure on the partnership signing, stating, “We are delighted to align with Adera Global and Cumulo9, who share our passion for creating highly secure digital postboxes and communication platforms. At Beyon Connect, our DNA is rooted in digital innovation and sustainability and together with our new partners, we will continue to revolutionize the way people communicate and connect, via the ONEVIEW platform, in the ASEAN region.”

Beyon Chief Digital Growth Officer, Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa added, “We are extremely proud to see our digital postbox and communication innovations being used as the foundation for the new joint venture ONEVIEW, in a digitally mature society like Singapore. This marks a significant milestone for Beyon Connect and reinforces our commitment to driving digital transformation.”

Adera Global Executive Director, Marvin Tan said,  “As a global leader in digital transformation, ADERA Global is excited to partner with ONEVIEW in their mission to revolutionize communications, document management and value-added services such as payments in Southeast Asia. We believe that ONEVIEW has the potential to set a benchmark in the region and transform the way people manage their bills and documents.”

 Cumulo9 CEO Chris Hogg added, “As a company that is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that help businesses thrive in a digital age, we are pleased to support ONEVIEW in its mission to digitize bill payment management in Southeast Asia.”

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