Manama, Bahrain: Beyon Cyber, Bahrain’s leading Cyber security services provider, has been recognized as the ‘Emerging Markets Partner of the Year’ by Palo Alto. These awards are presented to the top 14 partners across the MENA, Africa, & Levant region. Beyon Cyber is the only entity in the Kingdom of Bahrain to be awarded by Palo Alto in 2022.

The Partner of the Year award highlights Beyon Cyber’s significant sales performance and success stories in 2022. During the 10 months since its launch, Beyon Cyber has engaged with clients across various sectors to address their most challenging security needs, with Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform.

Samer Al Koudsi, Senior Director Channel Sales at Palo Alto commented, “Focus on new roads to market is very critical to us and this award was based on both achievement in revenues and on recognizing market needs. Beyon Cyber has done a tremendous job and we see a significant opportunity with them in the coming years.”

Beyon Cyber CEO Dr. Shaikh Khalid bin Daij Al Khalifa said, “This award reflects both the successful implementation of the cyber security vision set at Beyon Cyber within a year of its launch and the successful strategic partnership between Beyon Cyber and Palo Alto.”

“At Beyon Cyber, we are vested in deploying advanced cyber security solutions that deliver unparalleled value to our clients and our partners. This award further cements Beyon Cyber’s position in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as the leading cyber security provider.”

Beyon Cyber, a subsidiary of Batelco, is focused on offering advanced end-to-end cyber-security solutions, with managed services and advisory to organizations across Bahrain and the region.

Palo Alto is a leading international organization whose core products include advanced firewalls and cloud-based offerings covering all aspect of security.